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Speed Up Computer By Removing Spyware and Adware


Posts about speeding up a pc doesn't mean that your pc is currently performing very slow and you have to speed it up necessarily. It means that You can speed up or tune your computer system For Optimum performance by some trips and tricks that applied. so you get absolutely thrilling computing experience than you ever experienced with your pc.On talking about computer tips to speed up pc performance there are always question about two things that are spyware and adware. What is that?  and why should I reremove spyware and adware from my Pc? 

 spyware protection For a pc is essential?

Typically a spyware is a software that gathers
and reports information about a computer user without user's permission or concent. Moreover spyware can refer to a wide range related malware's which has the same effect of spyware in a system.Adware is a software package which automatically displays, download the advertisements in computer system. Most of the adwares are installed in your system while you browse the web with a high speed internet connection or it is added ad an addon of some spyware softwares.

How a Spyware or adware slow down a system

According to defenition  the spyware, these products perform delivery of unrequested adverising inthe form of pop-up ads, stealing private informations, Installing stealth phone dialers and even redirecting your browser to a virus infecting page.How can we Block Spyware and Adware ? Blocking such programs is essential to keep your personal data from unrecognized use. Also it will help to increase the security of your computer.The easiest way to get ris of these software is to use a spyware detector or an antispyware (both are same up to an extent). Some Antivirus softwares have built in Adware & spyware detection.

How to install a spyware Killer and optimize your system manually 
Tools to You need:

1. Ad-Aware
2. Spybot
3. A good updated antivirus (avast reccomended)
 Search these tools in the google and you will get the appropriate download links


1. Install spybot and search for spyware then destroy.
2. Install Ad-Aware
3. Install Antivirus

For More Efficient Removal.

note: This may be dangerous and could result in loss of data be sure to have a backup of 

your system before starting any operations

1. Disconnect internet from your system

2. Boot your system to safe mode (To do this, press F8 during boot of OS. When     you see the Safe Mode startup menu, select Safe Mode. If the menu does not appear and the PC goes directly into Windows, shut down the machine and turn it on again. When the black screen) 

appears, start tapping the F8 key, until the menu appears.)

3. Delete the files Under following directory (win xp)
    c:\documents and settings\[userid}\local settings\temp
    c:\documents and settings\[userid}\local settings\temporary Internet Files

4. Run a virus scan

5. Run Spybot and Destroy spyware

6. Run Ad-Aware
    Download lastest updates
    Run a scan
    Select Fix problems

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